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jpurpleman posted 8 months ago in General

I'm running Windows 10 on Virtual Box with HeidiSQL version

Whenever I open a file from my mounted drives seen as network drives, the memory usage goes up and up.

As seen in this screenshot, I've connected to my db server and then opened the file. I waited a few minutes without doing anything and the memory usage was above a 1024MB of ram.

When the same file is on my desktop, I don't have the same problem.

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Misha v.3 posted 8 months ago

I have the save version of Heidi and do not see such behaviour with two different *nix file servers (aix and linux) and two different sql servers (local MySQL and remove MariaDB). I've tried this with ~1 KB .sql UTF8 file with unix EOLs as well as with 2.5MB .sql UTF8 file with windows EOLs.

Have you tried different sql files, different sql servers and different file servers?

Misha v.3 posted 8 months ago

Oh, I missed the part about virtual box.

ansgar posted 8 months ago

You could try to specifiy the encoding in the file-open-dialog, e.g. "utf-8" or whatever it is. Don't use "Auto detect" - which is buggy, really.

jpurpleman posted 8 months ago

Hi Anse,

Thank you for looking into this.

Tried different files, different encodings, different servers, different virtual box machines setup the 'same' way.

Seems it's not a network drive issue or encoding problem. I put the file on the desktop of the Windows machine and on a real networked drive and the resources are fine.

The issue is when the file is on a mounted drive accessible to the Windows VM from my Linux host and I open any sql file the memory and cpu climb.

I'm using Oracle's VirtualBox version 5.1.26 r117224 (Qt5.5.1)

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