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Frens posted 2 years ago in General


I must install my PC again, dont now how to export my database settings if posible

ansgar posted 2 years ago

for exporting settings:

File > Export settings to file

to import it back in a blank HeidiSQL installation:

File > Import settings from file

geeeb posted 3 weeks ago

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have the same problem, however my old computer is not running - all I have are the files from it (mounted in an external drive). How can I get all my previous settings? Many thanks

ansgar posted 3 weeks ago

Yes, you can. You need your old NTUSER.DAT and a program like RegFileExport to extract the old values, which you just import into your new Windows registry.

  • locate your old NTUSER.DAT. On my Win10, it can be found in C:\Users\(myuser)\NTUSER.DAT
  • download RegFileExport
  • be sure HeidiSQL is not running now!
  • open a command prompt and change to the directory where you downloaded it
  • type in such a command, and use your old NTUSER.DAT from your old Windows installation:
RegFileExport.exe "Z:\Users\geeeb\NTUSER.DAT" "heidisql.reg" "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HeidiSQL"
  • go to that heidisql.reg file in your Windows Explorer, rightlick it, and click "Merge".
  • restart HeidiSQL, and see if everything's there.
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geeeb posted 3 weeks ago

Thank you very much for that! I am on Linux so the process was a little different, but it still worked out great.

For Linux users, here is what I did to restore all my servers:

  1. Make sure HeidiSQL is not running.
  2. Locate your old ~/.wine/user.reg and open in a plain text editor.
  3. Copy all the sections starting with [Software\\HeidiSQL\\Servers.
  4. Make a backup copy of ~/.wine/user.reg.
  5. Open ~/.wine/user.reg in a plain text editor.
  6. After the end of the Software\\HeidiSQL] section, paste the stuff you copied and save.
  7. Run HeidiSQL and check all your servers are there.

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