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Enhance drop down lists of foreign keys by multiple keyboard shortcuts

alex_monthy's profile image alex_monthy posted 8 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink

On foreign keys the interface displays not only the referenced column in a drop-down list but also the second column of the referenced table. This is a very helpful feature for data entry. It would be more helpful still if the drop down list would allow the first (or all) characters of the second column in the referenced table for navigation. See the sample picture. I can navigate somewhat in the list by typing numerical keys, but for that I have to memorize their meaning. I'd rather (in this sample) type "Ga" and jump to entry 9 or "Sc" for entry 11. - What do you think?

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Wiikend's profile image Wiikend posted 8 months ago Permalink

Sounds like we want the same thing! Any updates on this, Ansgar?

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 8 months ago Permalink

No updates here yet.

To me it sounds as if we need some kind of search box here, or?

Wiikend's profile image Wiikend posted 8 months ago Permalink

I can't speak for OP, but that is my request, yes. Although it does sound like it's similar functionality to what OP describes. :)

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