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Command line switches. Add multiple description?

Eliarh's profile image Eliarh posted 11 months ago in General Permalink

-d  --description   Session name
Start over using stored settings from session "xyz":
c:\path\to\heidisql.exe -d=xyz
c:\path\to\heidisql.exe -description=xyz

Can I specify multiple sessions? Is it possible to implement it? example

c:\path\to\heidisql.exe -d=xyz,qwe,asd

Thanks in advance

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 11 months ago Permalink

Not currently. I'm not sure what happens if you do that, but I guess HeidiSQL opens the first one of them, or more likely - none of them.

What about using the "Reconnect to last sessions" feature? (Preferences > General) This remembers all open sessions when you exit HeidiSQL, and reopens them the next time you start Heidi.

Eliarh's profile image Eliarh posted 11 months ago Permalink

I wanted to automate the opening of project sessions. We set up in advance which sessions belong to which project. Then run. One project can have several sessions. On another project - other sessions.

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