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Editor Bug

amit@gss's profile image amit@gss posted 6 months ago in General Permalink


When i select a procedure to to reformat(it has a lot of newlines) and click the reformat button, an error message pops up saying "select a non-readonly sql editor first". It seems the editor was trying to save the create table window, which is open in the above tab. So i have to click on the procedure edit window and the hit the reformat window. The ideal behaviour should not have this problem,, imo.


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 6 months ago Permalink

You should click once in the editor window to make the button work.

amit@gss's profile image amit@gss posted 6 months ago Permalink

Thank you for the reply.

Would like to suggest that it would be user friendly to activate the editor window by default. Because the error message was confusing and couldnt pin point the cause. Got it figured out soon but, TBH it was accidental.

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