select statement gets extra "space" added after each character

arnoldjp57 posted 2 weeks ago in General

I'm running HeidiSql on Ubuntu16.04 over a VNC connection and any query I type get an extra half space added after each character typed ... This has only started since the latest version upgrade ...

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arnoldjp57 posted 2 weeks ago

I have selected a different font on the preferences and its now back to normal ... Answered my own question :-)

ansgar posted 1 week ago

Yes, the font for the query editors must be one with fixed width. This is a precondition for using SynEdit - I would not call it limitation. On Windows, the preferences is just offering fixed width fonts, while proportional fonts are hidden, so the user should not be able to create weird effects. Through Wine, I suppose that limitation to fixed width fonts is probably not working.

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