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Comment lines in filter conditions

alex_monthy's profile image alex_monthy posted 5 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink

I just stumbled on a curious bug. I had a filter set for a table and a simple sort on one of the date columns in the table. But the sorting did not work. I then reviewed the filter which had a comment line (starting with a #) to allow for quick editing of some filter paramenters. So the filter condition read like

a or b
# not c

and the column to be sorted was represented by

sort by xyz

in the SQL statement. The statement as a whole then read like

select abc, def from xyz where a or b # not c sort by xyz

which of course rendered the sorting criteria inefficient. I doubt that I will stumble over this a 2nd time. But maybe the interface could check for this use case and issue a warning if there are comment lines in filters. Or insert a CRLF to the concatenation of filter and sort condition.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink

Watch out for the query highlighting in the log panel. There is a line break, it is just not displayed in the log, intentionally, so it's always a single line for one command.

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