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SSH Tunnel - Connection Issue RESOLVED: Change from Prior Versions

crazygood's profile image crazygood posted 5 months ago in General Permalink

I ran into an SSH tunnel connection issue in the more recent builds of 10.2. Turned out to be my fault... I had accidentally added a leading space to my SSH host when cutting and pasting the IP address.

In prior versions of HeidiSQL, the leading space was stripped out programmatically and the correct syntax for PLINK used. (Note: This has been working this way for years.) But more recent versions (at least since 5611 or later), this behavior changed and my leading space in the SSH host field caused the connection to fail.

I have no idea if the "strip leading space in SSH host" in previous versions was a bug (or a feature), but I just wanted to save someone else some time in tracking down a similar issue.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink

I just looked after that. My last modification in these lines were in Aug 2016. But probably you - like many others - downloaded a newer plink.exe, which recently was released?

Is it worth to add a trim to the host name? If yes, shouldn't there be a trim around many other settings too, like username for instance?

crazygood's profile image crazygood posted 5 months ago Permalink


I never thought about plink.exe being responsible for the change in behavior, but you are correct. I did upgrade PuTTY with a newer version and plink.exe along with it.

With respect to applying a trim function around (all) settings, that is an interesting question for all software developers. Where do we hold users responsible for their errors and where do we write code that prevents them from making mistakes?

If it were me, I would look at whether there was one save function to update or many to change. A simple update, I would probably do it. Many places to change, I might leave it alone until a rewrite of the settings area. I'll leave that decision up to you...



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