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Need help regarding how to check MySql version used on this HeidiSQL (v8.0.0.4396)

saa's profile image saa posted 2 months ago in General Permalink


So, i have been tasked to integrate my app (1st app) to another app(2nd app). The 2nd app use HeidiSQL v8.0.0.4396 with MySQL as the network type (see attachment for more details). Now, I need to read the database of this 2nd app with ODBC connection. When I create a DSN, unfortunately it failed (the error says "Bad handshake"). After some research, I found out that the ODBC only works for MySQL database with version of 5.5 or higher.

My question is : How do I check the MySQL version of this 2nd app ?

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 months ago Permalink

The session manager can display the server version, if you show the "Version" column in the session list (right-click the column header to activate it):


The server version is also displayed in the status bar, once you have a connection:


saa's profile image saa posted 1 month ago Permalink

sorry for the late reply. using your advice. i have successfully confirm the MySql version.

once again, Thx a lot @ansgar

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