Kubuntu 7.04, Wine and HeidiSQL 3.0

fattchris posted 10 years ago in General
first off, I love heidisql!

Ok, so I dumped Vista and picked up Ubuntu 7.04 (Kubuntu actually)

I installed Heidi with Wine and it worked great the first day....

Second day, I can get to select databases to show, then it disappears. It still has a process though, just invisible otherwise.... any ideas?

fattchris posted 10 years ago
so, just FYI, if I connect to a server with few databases, and do NOT get asked which ones to show, for a half second a box pops up then disappears.

I worked on my quick draw and was able to snap a creen shot of the box. It is a status box that says "waiting for query to complete". It diappears, then nothing.

I REALLY would love some help on this!

ansgar posted 10 years ago
The box is the status window which pops up for each query.

You could try the latest build from http://www.heidisql.com/latestbuilds/ and see if you still get "nothing" after the query.
fattchris posted 10 years ago
ok... good news bad news.

good news I fixed this a while ago. bad news is I forgot what I did, and it happened again.

i know I know, I should have wrote down what I did, but I didn't so here I am. I seem to remember it having something to do with a display issue of sorts. The application is still running in the background, and is producing no errors. any thoughtS?
fattchris posted 10 years ago
UPDATE: so, I don't remember how I fixed it the first time, but this time I turned off "window manager" in winecfg (in other words, all my wine apps are now in a virtual desktop window). Heidi shows up no problem.
rosenfield posted 10 years ago
Couple of hints:

- Error messages from wine go to the console. Run heidisql via the console in order to see relevant error messages at the time of the crash. You can attach log files to an issue in bugs.heidisql.com.

- This could be a bug in HeidiSQL that by hapchance only shows up when running under Wine, but it could just as easily be a bug in Wine. Adding this issue to both the Wine and the HeidiSQL bug trackers would be recommendable. If you add an issue in the wine bugtracker, remember to mention that source code to HeidiSQL is available.

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