How to Import data from Access database

vanishree posted 9 years ago in Import/Export
Hi All,happy

I am very new to mysql but very much used to mssql where Importing and exporting data from one database to other database is very easy..
here in Heidisql is there any such option .. if so please let me know.

Vanishree :?:
ansgar posted 9 years ago
There is no ODBC or other import routine in HeidiSQL which works with Access databases. But I know there are tools for this special task somewhere available, you just have to google around a bit.
schmick posted 9 years ago
just get mysql odbc driver from the mysql site.
Install it and create a system connection in ODBC in the control panel.
Then, open acces, right click the table you want to export, and select export.
On the dropdown of the type of export, go to the end and select ODBC.
Then select the connection you created in the control panel and click ok.
the table will be experted directly to mysql database.

It's probable that the column types will be set incorrectly. In that case, fix the table columns and truncate the table.

Export the table from access as CSV and use heidisql to import that CSV file to mysql.
petethebloke posted 9 years ago
:lol: There is a piece of s/w I've been using for years that does this job. It's called MySQL-Front 2.1
Sometimes the datatypes need a tweak, but it's a great bit of kit. I must go and make a donation to the developer.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Hehe, that's true. The ODBC import dialog had only a bunch of errors which was the reason for why I removed it for HeidiSQL.

(In case you don't know: MySQL-Front 2.x was the forerunner of HeidiSQL, developped by me. So, feel very free to make a donation here which will then probably motivate us reimplementing this dialogsmileBtw, that's rfe 534 )
petethebloke posted 9 years ago
I'm delighted to find HeidiSQL. I've been using MySQL-Front every working day for at least 6 years. Last time I checked, someone wanted money for the latest version but the trial I tested wasn't as good as the free one. Anyway, I've made a small donation - I hope I've made some before... but I can't remember.

Thanks for a great bit of s/w.
kalvaro posted 9 years ago

Hehe, that's true. The ODBC import dialog had only a bunch of errors which was the reason for why I removed it for HeidiSQL.

I remember it generated SQL queries using the computer regional settings, so probably it only worked reliably in the United States. But that's not a great deal: many professional tools do so as well. You should try Oracle SQL Developer if you don't believe me.

I still keep a copy of MySQL-Front just in case: it's perfect for quick imports. All other tools I've tried are slow, difficult to use and usually buggy.

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