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somiadiscon posted 11 years ago in General
im new to here could you pls tell me how to login heidiSQL luanch could you please tell me what are the user name and password to login i tried using root and admin for user name and password thanx

somiadiscon :)
ansgar posted 11 years ago
hey, funny questionsmileMaybe you find something on google:

No, serious: noone will be able to tell you which credentials you should enter to connect to whatever server you mean. I have a clue you have installed mysql on your local system? If yes, is the server started (as service or standalone)? Please provide us with more information so we can help you.
somiadiscon posted 11 years ago
thanx for your reply Mr. i appreciate that but the thing is i am not familier with MySQL but i install that there also have login system i still i can't login that then after that i tried this if you can help me how to connect these software waiting for your reply thanx again
koter84 posted 11 years ago
Wow, maybe you should use '.' and ',' in your text, it's almost impossible to read and understand.

I guess you have installed a MySQL server on your own, normally during installation you give in a password. This password is the 'root' password.

When you connect use 'root' as user and the password you entered during installation as password. If you haven't typed a password during installation, you should try to find the default password for your server on mysql.com

If you haven't installed your MySQL server yourself contact your hosting provider for connect-details.
ansgar posted 11 years ago
Thanks a lot koter84, I had the same problems reading somiadiscon message :)

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