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goodbot posted 10 years ago in Creating a connection
I used MySQL-Front 2.x for awhile (after paying $35 for it) before that PC crashed and had to be rebuilt. MySQL-Front didn't make it back into my rebuilt PC at the time. A few months later (now), I'm trying to get MySQL-Front back into my PC and working again.

First I discover that "MtSQL-Front" appears to be gone, or morphed into this open-sourced project HeidiSQL (is this the same software dev group?). Then I notice that all mention of a previously available "http tunnel" has disappeared: My db's are on a shared host box and I'm not given access to telnet or ssh. The previously available "http tunnel" worked magic for me to get around my hosts access restrictions.

Now I'm just starting to use HeidiSQL 3 and I'm experiencing connection problems. The immediate error message doesn't appear connected to the http-tunnel solution, but I'm of course suspicious.

My error message reads

Error: Could not establish connection. Details:
SQL Error: "Access denied for user [my db user name]@[my ISP's dynamic IP FQDN address]' (using password: YES)

I read elsewhere on the forum of another user experiencing a similar (but not exact) error message. The solution suggested there was to make an explicit entry in the affected SQL DB of the exact user name that the attempting connection is presenting. My problem here is that the error message is reporting back my ISP's esoteric FQDN with a dynamic IP inserted into it... Even if this works, I face the potential of having to change it via back-end means (phpMySQL, etc) everytime I want to use HeidiSQL.

Would the previously offered http tunnel instead offer me the option of using the "@localhost" value instead of requiring this remote (my client's) long FQDN/dynamicIP name?

Any suggestions?
siMKin posted 10 years ago
are you sure about the HTTP tunnel? Don't you mean SSH-tunnel?

You said you paid for mysqlfront 2.x .. i doubt it was a 2.x version because they were, like heidi, free. From version 3.x you had to start paying. Also, the 2.x version didn't support ssh-tunnels, the 3.x versions did.
Anyways, for the full story about the relationship between 2.x, 3.x and heidi, look on this forum. it's explained somewhere.

Assuming you mean SSH tunnel, what i would recommend is to download putty, use that to connect and create an SSH tunnel and then connect with Heidi through that tunnel.

If you get stuck let me know, and i'll explain in more detail.
ansgar posted 10 years ago
MySQL-Front 2.5 had no HTTP-tunnel while the 3.x version had one.

Since HeidiSQL is the direct descendent of the 2.5 version, it also doesn't have a HTTP-tunnel connector.

Please read our feature tracker for explanation on why we won't implement such a connector:
MySQLbuster posted 7 years ago
Heidisql can connect through HTTP tunnel, using the free GNU HTTPTunnel.
I found an article with screenshots of an example of configuring and connecting HeidiSQL through HTTP tunnel.

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