Heidi maxes out RAM when closing

aSystemOverload posted 4 weeks ago in General

Hey, twice now, after updating to (64bit), I've attempted to close Heidi, whilst there were 4 or 5 query tabs open, some saved, some not. It doesn't close and becomes unresponsive, checking Task Manager, it is using 10 Gb of RAM (I've got 16) and my laptop is overheating, the fans going crazy. Both times I've had to END-TASK the process.

Any idea what is going on?


ansgar posted 4 weeks ago

Probably also caused by the bug which is causing issue #620.

aSystemOverload posted 4 weeks ago

I was exporting large datasets prior to this happening.

aSystemOverload posted 2 weeks ago

Has the bug been resolved? I can confirm, that as of v10.1.0.5559 (64bit), I am still experiencing it. I powered my laptop back up after putting it into SLEEP, but other priorities kept me from getting on with work, one hour later, it has reached 5.2 GB RAM. I tru to interact with it and I get [an error occurred]. Bug Report attached. This could be the same as the other I posted earlier today, how soon it 'crashes' could depend on whether you attempt to interact with it.

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ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Yes, I fixed issue #620 . But that did not seem to be the cause for your issue. Instead, I saw exactly the same crash in .BindParamsActivated from another user. He reported that HeidiSQL's window was invisible somehow. Maybe you had a similar issue? I also did not yet get feedback for the regedit workaround I posted there.

aSystemOverload posted 1 week ago

Just to confirm, this (resuming machine where Heidi was present on SLEEP results in steadily increasing RAM and no ability to interact with GUI) is still an issue with v10.1.0.5562.

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