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I'm running build with Plink.exe in the local directory. Plink works fine when I type the command out, it prompts me for my Ubikey.

When trying this in the GUI, it just displays a message box and does not allow for an interactive login, which is required for Ubikey (Or similar devices) to work.

With Ransomware and security becoming very heightening in awareness, there is a massive push for MFA for all systems.

We have 3 clients who all report their insurance companies are now requiring this to continue providing insurance. (Cyber Insurance coverage limits went from $2,000,000 USD to $50,000 USD, which should tell you something!).

I love HeidiSQL, it's the best at what it does. I tested DBeaver, it works with Ubikey and is interactive but it's too complex and not easy to use.

If "keyboard-interactive" is detected, it should display an input window to allow a code to be entered and returned to Plink.

Or, since the prompt ends with a colon :, this should indicate that there is a prompt for data. It HeidiSQL should then allow the user to enter data which is then passed back to Plink to complete the login.

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I had a typo. YubiKey not Ubikey.


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Well, this is the tunnel implementation in HeidiSQL. Could it be a separate plink process with its own shell window would help here?

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