Bug with SSH Tunnel

nightjar posted 3 years ago in General
I have 2 Cloud databases, which I need to connect to via the SSH Tunnel to another (cloud based) server.
I set up both of these and, individually, I can connect to them properly.
However, I cannot load/operate on both databases at the same time.
If I load them both, the second one is actually connecting to the first - which I can tell from the data.
Closing the first one and refreshing the second - I get the data for the second.
Reopening the first one, and it shows the data for the second.
Closing the second and refreshing the first - I get the first one's data back.
Is this a known limitation, or is there a workaround?

zichenli posted 3 years ago
yeah I have that issue. I can't find a solution for it, but I'm guessing it is because the plink.exe file and the ports. Maybe try 2 copies of plink.exe and have different port connections for both?
RaymondS posted 3 years ago
It is simple to resolve, be sure that the tunnel-port is different for every server. The default is 3307, so for the second server you set it to 3308, the third 3309 and so on.

No need for multiple Plink files, it can work with only one, but be sure to have diffrent ports.

This is not a bug by the way; you create a localport (3307) which you route to server_1:3306, so the second server sees the localport is existing and will use that one instead of creating a new one (which will not work, the port is already open).

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