Single column sort instead of multi-column sort in Data Grid

Maickel posted 3 years ago in General
Is there a way to disable the multi-column sorting in the Data View? I would prefer just using the grid in single column sort mode, because I find it very confusing.

Hope to here from you.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
Well that's a feature of the server. I can only advise to watch out for the "Sorting" button at the right top. If its icon is blue, there is at least one sort column. Just click it to view the sorting columns.
Aybee posted 1 year ago

Hello ansgar,

I would like to make a feature request out of this thread.

As we mostly need to quick sort by only one column it would be nice, if we can e.g. achieve this by Ctrl+Mouseclick on the desired column. That means if multiple fields are in the sort dropdown, the sort dropdown should be reset and then sort by desired column.

A shortcut to reset the sort dropdown also would be nice.

Thank you and regards


ansgar posted 1 year ago

There is a context menu item with a shortcut for reset grid sorting - see the right-click menu. Shortcut defaults to Alt+S.

Maickel posted 1 year ago

Hi Ansgar,

There are many ways to reset the sorting in the grid, which is a good thing. But it happens to me - multiple times a week - that I am confused or pretty stressed out, that I can't find the record I was expecting to find, because of an unexpected primary sorting somewhere on a column off the right side of my screen. Just to illustrate that I agree with Aybee :-)

Thanks for the great product, which I use everyday with great confidence.

Regards, Maickel

ansgar posted 1 year ago

So, what is your suggestion? Would that Ctrl+Click solution do it here?

Maickel posted 1 year ago

In Windows conventions, using CTRL plus Click would mean changing the current selection (add or substract a column from the current selection), not resetting and starting a new selection.

Maybe you could make it a program setting? Multisort vs. Single sort. Maybe that the Data grid settings deserve their own tab under Preferences?

ansgar posted 1 year ago

What about a new checkbox for that thingy in preferences > "Editor configuration" ? (which was "Data" previously and renamed incorrectly)

Aybee posted 1 year ago

Thank you ansgar for the hint with Alt+S. I read the complete help file and didn't find it. Aoso I did not excpect to find it at this place.

To me best solution would be to have an icon on the menu bar for to switch between single and multi sort quickly.

Maickel posted 1 year ago

Nice suggestion, Aybee. Would be great if Heidi remembers the switch.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Would be great if Heidi remembers the switch.

Yes, of course, good idea.

to have an icon on the menu bar for to switch between single and multi sort quickly.

... really? There are lots of buttons already. I see myself explaining people where this new button is and how it looks like.

I think at first I will add the number of sorted columns in the label of the "Sorting" button with the drop down arrow. This will make it much clearer whether there is 0, 1 or multiple sortings.

For that new Single sorting mode: I would prefer a checkbox in the drop down dialog of that Sorting button. That's the place where HeidiSQL has all other sorting options too, and people will search there.

Aybee posted 1 year ago

That will be ok to me.

BTW: Nice tool, thank you for this.

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