firemaker86 posted 2 years ago in General


I've the latest nightly build of HeidiSQL

When I try to export to clipboard a resultset, with SQL DELETEs/INSERTs option the application crashes.

The problem is that the query is not from a table, but is a derived from a Union, so the table name is "Ignote".

SELECT * FROM table_a
SELECT * FROM table_a_bak

Should fix this bug like in other options "SQL INSERT" and "SQL REPLACEs":

REPLACE INTO `UnknownTable`


ansgar posted 2 years ago

Confirmed. That's a problem with the new DELETE/INSERT format, which requires an appropriate WHERE clause in the DELETE query. While composing that WHERE clause, HeidiSQL searches for the right table name and fails here for non-table queries, which is good when the user edits data in a grid, but renders the export option useless here.

ansgar posted 2 years ago

r5075 now shows a normal error box instead of the crash in such cases.

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