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Save Column Layout/Position

landreww's profile image landreww posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion

I appreciate that columns in the Data tab can be moved via drag & drop. I cannot seem to find an option that saves the current layout. Each time I switch away from a table and then return the columns are reset.

Does anyone know if there is a way to save (retain) the columns after drag & drop?

Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou posted 7 months ago

Up ? I didn't find this option neither. What a pity

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 7 months ago

Moved columns are not saved in the data tab. But you can select and deselect columns from the upper "Columns" button. That setting is also stored for the next time you access that table. Also you can click the column headers for sorting (ascending, a second click makes it descending, a third click removes sorting).

Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou posted 7 months ago

Hello, Ok. I will work without this feature anyway. Thanks

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