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Autocomplete fails for MS SQL Server if schema is specified (works otherwise)

ilpssun's profile image ilpssun posted 3 years ago in General Permalink

If I write an SQL script for my SQL Server using explicit schema names, autocomplete does not work. For example, when I write

select *
from dbo.Example e
where e.

I would expect the autocomplete popup to open. Instead, the log shows:

/* SQL Fehler (208): Ungültiger Objektname 'dbo.sys.objects'. */

The error message is correct because the object name should be 'sys.objects' (regardless of the schema I specify in the FROM clause.

When I leave out the schema, autocompletion works:

select *
from Example e
where e.Completed

I know it’s a minor thing but actually a bit annoying, so please fix it :-)

Thanks in advance!

-- Till

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