[Bug] Comment toggling in procedure edition view doesn't enable the save button (

Xenos posted 1 year ago in General


This is a very little non-blocking bug, but still:

  • Create a stored routine, with something like a "SELECT 1" in it
  • Save it
  • Comment the "SELECT 1" by using "--" : "-- SELECT 1", the save button is enabled
  • Save the edited procedure
  • Now, use the keyboard shortcut to toggle the comment on the SELECT
  • The "Save" button remains deactivated

So it seems that toggling comments on one line (or several lines actually) doesn't enable the Save button.

Totally not blocking, because one just have to insert a blank line and remove it, or do whatever useless change like that to enable the Save button, but still, it seems to be a bug.

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Confirmed. And fixed in r5171

ansgar posted 1 year ago

Following commits now support the both "save to textfile" and "un/comment" menu items in the context menus of these "mini" SQL editors.

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