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Scrambled columns in views

nanolemur posted 1 year ago in General

I've just upgraded MySQL server to 8.0, which means I've also imported my databases recently and installed the newest version of Heidi. When I click on the data tab for a view, the columns are displaying in alphabetical order rather than by the ordinal number of the column. The data stays in the same order, so the results look crazy (commas in a varchar column). When I do a select from, the results look fine. What could be causing this? I am attaching the scrambled view, the results of a select, and the show columns output.

3 attachment(s):
  • view_scrambled
  • select_view
  • show_columns
ansgar posted 1 year ago

Could you please post the CREATE TABLE code in a new issue on the bugtracker? I never saw that issue, so I have to dive deeper into it. Only I need a ticket.

vgijre posted 9 months ago

facing same issue after upgrading to MySQL 8.

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