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Dropdown menu

Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou posted 7 months ago in Feature discussion

Hello (I'm french, sorry for my poor English..)

First of all, thanks a lot for this great HeidiSQL, it's very helpful!

This is my question: The Dropdown menu on foreignkey is working well. But, the Dropdown menu on a View based on a table with a Foreignkey doesn't work. Is this a bug or is this normal ?

I'm using with the portable version. Does portable version have less features ? Will it could work with the installer version ?

Thanks for you reply

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 7 months ago

No, the portable does not have less features. It is 100% identical to the 32bit installer version, except for the additional portable.lock file and portable_settings.txt in its directory.

You mean the dropdown menu in the "Data" tab, when editing a field with a foreign key? And this does not work on a view?

Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou posted 7 months ago

Thank's for your answer. I confirm:

  • the dropdown menu on a table works (data table)
  • the dropdown menu on a view does not work (data view)

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