ERROR: Plugin http could not be loaded

pampas58 posted 2 weeks ago in General

I'm getting this message after setting up HeidiSQL on my new computer (WIN 10)

Plugin http could not be loaded: The specified module could not be found. Library path is 'C:\Program files\HeidiSQL\plugins/http.dll'

Now what I find most interesting is the way the library path is set up. It's a mix of Windows and Apache format. The first part "C:\Program files\HeidiSQL\plugins" looks like normal windows. However, the call for the http.dll looks backwards "/http.dll"

Notice the forward slash instead of the back-slash.

Is there a fix, or do I just have a bad install?

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Other plugins do their work, with the same mix of slash types. Instead, I suspect this http plugin is compiled for 32bit and your HeidiSQL is 64bit, or vice versa. Could you check that?

Ashbjorn posted 1 week ago

I have the same issue with latest download of both Installer, 32-bit portable and 64-bit portable. There is no http.dll nor a https.dll in the plugins folder and no idea where to get this from?

ansgar posted 1 week ago

Is it that a blank install of HeidiSQL suddenly wants to have this plugin?

Or is it probably the server you are connecting to, which is requesting the client to have this plugin?

Ashbjorn posted 1 week ago

To be honest I am not entirely sure, it's a full clean install and I am trying to connect to AWS Aurora using the host that DBA gave me to connect to.

If I change the URL to the database to https, then it tells me https.dll is missing. So, where can I find these DLL's? Are you saying HeidiSQL is not supposed to have them in the plugin package? It seems such a basic needed to be able to connect to a MySQL instance using http?


ansgar posted 1 week ago

No, that http plugin is not shipped with HeidiSQL yet. I was even not aware there is such a plugin, up now. But HeidiSQL supports loading MySQL/MariaDB plugins - these are located in its "plugins" directory, which is a subfolder of the one where your heidisql.exe is located.

However, you should be able to copy dlls from the server distribution. But you need to copy the 64bit libraries if your HeidiSQL is 64 bit (located in c:\Program Files\HeidiSQL) and vice versa on 32 bit (c:\Program Files (x86)\HeidiSQL)

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