Queries Being Built Incorrectly

RugerSR9 posted 2 weeks ago in General

HeidiSQL is building queries incorrectly resulting in / SQL Error (102): Incorrect syntax near '0'. /.

Example: "EmailConfirmed"=b'0' AND "LockoutEnabled"=b'1'

Not sure why there are "b"'s after the equal sign, but it puts them there anytime the field is of type BIT.

I started having issues yesterday, updated to but that didn't solve the issue.

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

Which server version and type is it?

RugerSR9 posted 2 weeks ago

SQL Server and 2012 (I believe), will confirm on Monday.

ansgar posted 2 weeks ago

That b'' notation is working for MySQL and MariaDB, but I suppose not for MSSQL and neither PostgreSQL. You should search the bug tracker for a relevant issue report, and star this issue then.

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