HeidiSQL interface issue on my second display

unsta posted 1 week ago in General

When I move HeidiSQL on my second display, the left part of the interface is cut off. One vertical line is missing which is truly annoying.

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ansgar posted 1 week ago

If you have a DPI setting over 100% on one of these screens, then this may refer to one of the high-DPI issues.

If not this may just be some bug in the theme you selected?

unsta posted 7 days ago

Mhm, my DPI setting is not over 100% and I have tried with different themes. But my taskbar location is on the left of the screen. Its strange that on the first display it fits fine, but on the second one, which is the same, there is that misfit.

ansgar posted 6 days ago

And with the default "Windows" theme it looks good I suppose?

unsta posted 4 days ago

Yeah, with the default "Windows" theme, it is fine. So, the problem is with every other theme different from the default one :/

ansgar posted 3 days ago

These themes introduced quite a few new issues, unfortunately. Some of them seem solvable to me, but this particular one sounds really strange.

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