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Creating a column to auto increment

Nige's profile image Nige posted 5 months ago in General Permalink

Hi to everyone,

I only installed HeidiSQL the other day while testing some different software to use for my project. Anyway I have created a table my first column is called "id" data type is "int" I need this column to auto increment. Does someone mind telling me how to do this to save me some time?

Thanks Nige

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink
  • click the Default value, which should display "No default" currently
  • in the popup dialog, select AUTO_INCREMENT
  • click OK
  • rightclick the column name "id"
  • point to "Create new index", then click "Primary key"
  • click "Save", or add further columns
Nige's profile image Nige posted 5 months ago Permalink

Hi Ansgar, thanks for the super fast reply. I have been working with MSSQL for as long as so Im used to SQL Management studio. But now it looks like I will be using MYSQL a lot more, anyway thanks Nige.

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