New pattern for table name during sql export to table

Kcko's profile image Kcko posted 4 months ago in General Permalink

Hi Ansgar, as title says ...

We have %db for database name, but nothing for table name. Its possible to handle it?

Thx for compliance.

PS. Tooltip with list of all availables patterns could be visible longer time than 1-2s (its hard to read it and remember ;-) .. or can hide when blur of field).

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 4 months ago Permalink

I don't think that makes sense somehow. If you want to export a single table, probably. But that's normally a case for the output option "Directory - one file per object in database subdirectories":


Kcko's profile image Kcko posted 4 months ago Permalink

Yes, you are right. Does not make a sense, too hot today. It's like I didn't say anything. and otherwise thanks for the fast reply.

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