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frigoref posted 8 years ago in General
Hi guys,

I have had encounter a problem with the export function, when using InnoDB tables with foreign keys. The original function does not take care for the order of the exported (and later imported) tables. So it was not possible to export and import a database.

For this reason I downloaded the source code and developed a workaround, by extracting all foreign key constraints from the original create statement and put them behind the table creations (with an alter table statement).

It is working fine now and I want to publish my changes. I can not use svn, because I have no account (at least I can not remember having one).
So, how do I publish in a proper way?

Thanks in advance
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Feel free to send a SVN diff/patch. Paste it here if it's small enough or send it by mail.

Of course there is no public write access to the SVN as I want to keep an eye on the committed changes.
frigoref posted 8 years ago
It is too many small changes to post it here.

To which mail address should I send it?
ansgar posted 8 years ago
Glad I found Heidi has already a fix for that: In any SQL export, this conditional comments suspends foreign key checks until the script has finished:


At the end of the script that is enabled again (if it was enabled before):


No need to do it more complicated.
frigoref posted 8 years ago
Mh, my export also did not show this problem again - sry for making trouble.
But another problem occured: syntax (t)error in trigger creation. This is due to missing delimiter change before trigger create statement.
ansgar posted 8 years ago
That sounds like you're using an old revision? Please look at issue #1672 and r3063.

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