not all databases shown

sergtop posted 9 years ago in General
some strange bug is that "show databases;" query in phpmyadmin and in heidi gives different numbers of tables
there are 5 tables viewable by current user

in phpmyadmin they all accessible, but in heidy only first two are present in the list
the version on heidi is
ansgar posted 9 years ago
I'm confused. SHOW DATABASES surely does not return a table.
sergtop posted 9 years ago
emmm... sorry I meant databases
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Ok, so SHOW DATABASES gives you less databases in Heidi than in pma? Can you ensure the user which you're using to connect is the same one in Heidi+pma, or at least has the same read privileges?
sergtop posted 9 years ago
seems like this is ispmanager bug, not pma\heidi difference

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