Separate the table names from the views, triggers, functions, etc.

tamas9 posted 7 years ago in General

I would like to ask you to sepatare the table names from the views, triggers, functions, procedures, etc. because in great databases difficoult to find the triggers/functions in the list.

ansgar posted 7 years ago
Two things:
a) you can currently sort by type, when having the "Type" column visible (right click column headers if it's not there). This might help out a bit.
b) separating them into "folders" is issue #1031
tamas9 posted 7 years ago
Ok, but I would like something like this http://www.heidisql.com/screenshots.php?which=stored_routines.
In the tree view the tables, procedures, functios and triggers are separated.
ansgar posted 7 years ago
Please read issue #1031, as said, this is what you mean if I didn't misunderstand you.
x2A posted 7 years ago
Firstly, great work (as ever), have come back to doing sql-side work after a few months away so thought I'd see how Heidi's progressing, am liking the multiple connections in the tree, and not sure how long you've had the keyboard shortcut config, but is the first time I've noticed it which'll make a lot of working with it smoother. Only one thing I'd say is that a 'back'/'forward' key would be great, so if needing to jump back to the last table being looked at in a database of a hundred tables, the 'back' key would reselect the last item in the left tree that was selected.

But I digress. I apologise if this is answered on that issue #1031 link you posted, Google Code is actually down at the moment (shock!) but if it is on there, just ignore me here, I'll check your Google Code page again in a few hours to see if Google's recovered. When trying to figure out what's going on in a large database, it would be helpful to see which triggers are fired by a table somehow. Either (ideally) by making them subitems in the left hand tree, or (I'd imagine more easy to implement) as a tab in the Table: tab on the right, or of course you may have other ideas.

Anyway I know you can't pander to individual requests, so I just thought I'd register my interest, so if circumstances and desires allow, it may appear one day.

Thanks again,

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