To date: 158 Open Issues

Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago in General
The Bug repository boasts 158 open, accepted issues. I'm optimistically confident that number is inaccurate. I would imagine that most of the "open" issues have been resolved, but just not updated reflecting as such?
Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago
Hmm.. after closer looking, I'll concede the following:

135 Open Issues == Enhancements
20 Open Issues == Defects
3 Open Issues == jHeidi

and of the 135 Enhancement issues, 7 are migrated.
ansgar posted 9 years ago
Oh thanks for the summary!smileWell we're concentrating on bugfixes currently to get a new release out soon. Therefore the feature requests are mostly ignored currently.
Dr. Dave posted 9 years ago
Yeah, sorry. I'm probably coming off as a HeidiSQL stalker freak. <grins>

I use HeidiSQL a minimum of 9 hour per day. The work I do for a living requires all day MySQL work, and Heidi is my tool of choice. So yeah, I try to keep up with all the latest builds and visit these forums on average 20 times per day.


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