Edit an existing trigger?

sfatula posted 2 years ago in General

I see how one can create a new trigger using the GUI, but not modify an existing one or delete one. Yes, I am aware one can do so via mysql statements, but, that's the purpose of Heidisql too, to avoid having to know all the syntax.

I see a post from HeidiSQL long ago, which I cannot post a link to as I don't have authorization yet, but it's on the heidisql site and has screenshots.php?which=trigger_editor in it. It says create and modify, so, I am thinking modify must be a function, I just can't find it! Can anyone direct me to where in the GUI to modify an existing trigger, or even see it?

ansgar posted 2 years ago

You should see triggers on the "Database" tab, just where the tables, views and procedures are. Doubleclicking a trigger should show you the trigger editor.

sfatula posted 2 years ago

It appears it is more a function of having full table status turned off, which I did.

scottlapointe posted 2 months ago

Just found this -- is there a way to have any triggers related to a table show up in the table view? Maybe a triggers tab? then you could double click to open....

balexandre posted 1 month ago

@scottlapointe you already have that... as long as you have triggers on that database

to check the current trigger in your instance (mySQL):

SELECT * FROM information_schema.triggers

and if you have triggers in a database, you will see them as:

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