Line Duplication in editor and a few other requests

scottlapointe posted 8 months ago in Feature discussion

Hi - wondering if it would be possible to add in the SQL editor a command to duplicate the current line - similar to Notepad++ - pressing CTRL-D for example duplicates the line on a new line. A great shortcut when working on large queries.

Also when exporting column info from the table view - an option to export the column names only with no query code.

Last one :)

If I right click on a column with DATE/TIME - can there be an option to COPY the date time in UNIX instead of having to run a command to convert it - and vice versa.

Session save, if HEIDI crashes when you reopen you don't have your previous queries.

Thanks for looking.

ansgar posted 8 months ago

Feature requests and issue reports go to the bugtracker please, except when it's a show-stopper.


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