Crash when trying to read a table on SQL Server

tonymarston posted 12 months ago in General

I had logged onto my SQL Server database, selected a table, then hit the "data" tab to se its contents when it just crashed. Attached is the dump.

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nickles posted 3 months ago

Same issue here. The table contains GUID columns. Tried to reduce the columns, rows, and result is below (bugreport, table CREATE and data (one row!) in attachments.

This bug has been nagging me since about 9.4. Right now I have to resort to SQL Server Management Studio which is quite a nuisance...

I'd really appreciate if you could look into this.

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ansgar posted 3 months ago

@tonymarston: please update to HeidiSQL 10.1, you are running an old version.

@nickles: your issue is different. Probably that's issue #496. You could have a look there and compare the reproduction recipe.

nickles posted 3 months ago


Don‘t see any fix in #496. It‘s very certainly related to one of the column types - but how would I remedy that? I cannot change any of these... Please consider looking into the the data I sent in; you should be able to reproduce the error.

tonymarston posted 3 months ago

I am running version and still hitting the same error. See attached bug report.

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nickles posted 3 months ago

Status: Still throwing in

nickles posted 2 months ago

Status: Still throwing in

nickles posted 4 weeks ago

Status: Still throwing in

tonymarston posted 3 weeks ago

What do you mean by 'part'? The column is defined as decimal(38,0), so what is missing?

tonymarston posted 1 week ago

What has a fault with an Epson printer got to do with this issue?

ansgar posted 1 week ago

This was spam. I'm going to delete merry007.

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