HeidiSQL on Mac

jgreco posted 6 months ago in General

Hi, I'm a big fan of your software, you've completely redefined the way I work with MySQL. So thank you for that.

Now I've a mac at my work and I absolutely can't work with other GUI tools for MySQL, seems completely low compared to HeidiSQL.

Is there any chance to make a DMG of this soft for mac ?

I tried to configure it with winebottler, but i didn't succeed to make it work, if someone can help ?

Thanks for your help.

ansgar posted 6 months ago

Wine should work quite well, though I have no clue which is the latest version.

If the latest HeidiSQL crashes with Wine at startup, you could try to enable native Direct2D.

quickbooksupport posted 6 months ago

Download jHeidi 1.0. MySQL database manager in Java. HeidiSQL is a MySQL database manager that is very popular on the Windows platform.

quickbooksupport posted 6 months ago

, Im new here, but joined to ask something that i think is important to the HeidiSQLs community: can i use in my iMac?

quickbooksupport posted 6 months ago

Do you have any idea about HeidiSql for mac??? I know HeidiSql is written with Delphi, so can you build a version runs on mac With RAD .

ansgar posted 6 months ago

No, you can't. But you can run HeidiSQL through Wine on a Mac.

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