Tab: Host -> Processes -> Automatic Refresh

Horus Sirius posted 1 month ago in General

Could you implement a automatic refresh ?

i know F5 is possible, but Refresh every second would be a very nice monitoring tool :-) You could maybe add this to right click

context menue -> "Auto Refresh"

-> "None" -> "1 Second" -> "5 Seconds" -> "10 Seconds"

it should not that difficult to use a "timer" to refresh the listing :-)

ansgar posted 1 month ago

I have already implemented an auto-refresh, many years ago:

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  • auto-refresh
Horus Sirius posted 1 month ago

heidisql is the best frontend for DB's i know... and i know the stuff from embacadero...

nice job!!!!

never used it... i'm using heidisql for 4-5 years, never seen this features... it's a bit hidden for someone who doesn't know...

the feature, would be right click... i find this would be a normal use case...

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