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CMD -> Copy from one Server to another Server [Mirror, Load Balancing]

Horus Sirius's profile image Horus Sirius posted 8 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink


could you implement a feature for the commandline that allows a heidisql user to select a source server [credentials, have to put in] and a destination server [credentials, have to put in].

I mean the Server 2 Server modus, where you can clone a DB from Live System to a Dev System. There are many use cases where this would be very helpful for example Live Backup to another working DEV System. It would be a the best backup tool for DB's i know...[failure safe]

if to difficult... than

commandline backup as *.sql would be very helpful for creating backups... you could replace other solutions with that feature.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 8 months ago Permalink

Don't you think that would be more a task for mysqldump? HeidiSQL is a GUI application, and the few command line options were never thought to replace the GUI.

Horus Sirius's profile image Horus Sirius posted 8 months ago Permalink

yes, i'm using mysqldump + FTP Backup on a server... but never could check if it's really working on Import...

i mean heidisql opens up and do everythink automatically and closes after this... no hidden stuff...

some software exists that you could buy, that do a mysql dump for ya. Would be a nice additional feature.... the easy way maybe to backup | chose SESSION -> DB -> Export als *.sql i would use it to do a backup...

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