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Crash after disabling order by

juanlu's profile image juanlu posted 3 months ago in General Permalink

Every time I try do disable the order by in a table using the graphic interface red cross I get a crash.

Added bug report and screen.

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 months ago Permalink

Probably related to issue #849, or also to issue #520 . Please try if resetting the theme to "Windows" solves the issue. And probably report in issue #520 then.

juanlu's profile image juanlu posted 3 months ago Permalink

Right, working with windows theme.

elpa's profile image elpa posted 6 days ago Permalink

Hey, I wanted to report this, too.

Maybe I'll add the theme error which happens when I wanted to save the error log. Just FYI.


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  • heidy-theme-error

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